Mo Mochandise
MOre (or to put it another way, less) stuff than you'll ever want
This year is the twenty third Movember! "Join Est Brucingus!" (if you don't kMOw what we're on about, watch the video on our MO WARS page).

We've celebrated Movember in style over the past two and a bit decades with assorted t-shirts and stubble holders which have become highly sought after collector's items. Some examples of previous years' MOchandise are listed below.


El Pres with stubble holder - he likes what he sees...

...a little too much perhaps...

Ah, nothing like cruising around like a Mo'd up MOd on your MOdified MOped. (MO Fact: The Movember Committee use nothing but the classiest of transport options during Movember.) What's that? MOre you say?

Here are some even older Movember designs. The highlight of these of course is the back of 'em. But then you don't see the mo' :{D

This white one was the 1999 vintage as modelled above by Colonel Boochie R. Blight. It also appears in the Seven Nightly News story that aired that year and that can be viewed on You Tube HERE

This was the 2000 classic, again with the Colonel.
Downloadable pdf based on this t-shirt
After a 4 year hiatus Movember t-shirts were back with a vengeance in 2004 where we famously brought back the 'taches to Australian cricket at Adelaide MOval. Above: Colonel and chickens.


"Did you notice the girls? Falsies."
"Yeah. Moustaches too" (see here for our Seven Nightly News story that got Jane Doyle tongue-tied!)

An assortment of high quality texts are available for the devoted student of the moustache.

(Kinky's personal Movember blessing - coming soon)


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