Representatives - Local & International
The Movember Committee
The Committee is a non-democratic dictatorial Organisation that makes all the first and final decisions regarding the operation of Movember and the rules for its participants. Headed by El Presidente Maledyke Donikian and Colonel Boochie R. Blight, the Committee is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Contact them at

L to R: Colonel Boochie R. Blight, Newk Steiny, Ian Robbie Rush, Hulio Jasziowski, Alby Makita, El Presidente Maledyke Donikian
(file photo by WPC Tosh)

This page is awaiting appropriate photographs of our ambassadors to other countries (though you may just find them in our MO-tos section). In the meantime we have posted their names - they can be contacted through the official e-mo address (

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