Movember Committee
The Flaming Moes

Alright, you may have moticed some other upstarts proMOting corporate sponsors (we like to call them the Flaming Moes, after Moe Szyslak's infamous beverage).

We here at the MO-riginal and MO-fficial Movember believe that MOs are best unadorned by whacky brand names and corporate slogans. In short, we're sponsored by Mobody!

So what should you do?

By all means, grow your mo (according to our rules, i.e. no tickler) and be generous and donate your hard earned MOney directly to the charity of your choice. Simple!

Moustache Celebration Federation
The Movember Committee

The following letter was received in August, 1999 - shortly after Movember Committee (c) was founded. Until then we had been publicising our mognificent club with T-shirts, stickers, posters, email, letters and other propaganda.

After receiving the letter we decided to combat it head on, and started an unprecedented publicity onslaught on the Adelaide pub scene and achieved a higher profile through a story on Seven Nightly News that later went national on Today Tonight.

The MO-riginal 1999 Seven Nightly News Story is now here in all its glory:

(if it doesn't load then click HERE to watch!)

Movember was a phenoMOnal success, it turned out Chucky didn't really exist, and our claims to have invented Movember were 100% correct!

Lesson: never mess with the MO-riginal Movember...

Below is the full text of the letter that caused all that controversy!


Please let me introduce myself. My name is Charles Kies III, and I am the
President of Moustache Celebration Federation. Based in San Francisco, our
organisation has 8700 members worldwide. We have a number of famous members
including Tom Selleck and Harry Petersham. Whilst we celebrate the
importance of moustaches all year round, we particularly like to celebrate
the month of November - with what we call our "Movember" celebrations.

And this is why I am emailing you. Although you have been distributing
information in your country about your (unofficial) celebrations, we have
sought legal advice indicating that you are breaking the law by using a term
we have had patented internationally since 1977. Your material, which has
been faxed to me by an Australian member of the MCF, is unprofessional and
embarrassing for my members.

I therefore ask you to desist your celebrations this month, or I will take
legal action.

Charles Kies III.


Copyright (c) 1999 Movember Committee