Hall of Fame

Here's the world's biggest mo with its owner, a New Delhi prisoner called Karna Ram Bheel (1928-87). The mo measures an impressive 238cm (7'10"), and he kept it in trim using mustard, oil, butter and cream. We at Movember prefer to pickle ours in beer.
CATEGORY 1: Sporting Mo's

Top row, L to R: David Boon, Merv Hughes, Malcolm Blight, Random Darts Player
Bottom Row, L to R: John Newcombe, David Foster, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, Nigel Mansell

CATEGORY 2: MOving Picture Mo's

  • John Astin. "MOrticia... Your French! My moustache!!!!"
  • Cheech Marin.
  • Clark Gable. Frankly my dear, I have a magnificent moustache.
  • Ian Hewitson.
  • Mr Potato Head. Fact: This mo-possessing toy was the first toy ever advertised on television
  • Sergeant Schultz.
  • Darryl Kerrigan. "It's not a moustache, it's a mo!"
  • Errol Flynn. That thing is HUGE. And I'm not talking about the mo.
  • Yosemite Sam.
  • Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. Though his mo is only in the MOvies
  • Zero Mostel.
  • John "Cliff Claven" Ratzenburger. "the first moustache wearers were not the Turks but an African tribe..."
  • Eddie Murphy. Beverly Hills Mo
  • Asterix & Obelix. And Caconofix & Vitalstatistix.
  • Richard Pryor. "White guys' mo's don't do nothin' - but black guys' mo's move like this=!!"
  • Frank Oz.
  • George Donikian. "...and that's the way my mo is, this beautiful month of Movember"
  • Con the Fruiterer.
  • Ian "Turps" Turpie. The Price may not be Right any more, but that mo certainly is.
  • Ugly Dave Gray. Not so ugly with your mo!
  • Tony the Tash Twirler. also of Blankety Blanks fame
  • Lee Majors. The Six Million Dollar Moustache.
  • Fletcher. The guy from Prisoner.
  • Ned Flanders, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Cletus, Guy Incognito (Homer's exact double), Jebediah Springfield
  • Randy Marsh.
  • Arthur and "Bloody Robert" Beare.
  • Siskel. Or was it Ebert? Anyway, they only get one thumb up.
  • Mario & Luigi Mario.
  • The Oz Brothers. Who am I? Who am I?..........Boonie!!!
  • Charlie Chaplin. Had the Hitler mo but wasn't nearly as politically incorrect.
  • Jimmy Edwards
  • Groucho Marx. You could be a member of this club any day! Even though it was a falsie
  • Carter Heywood
  • Larry Tate.
  • DC Alfred "Tosh" Lines. RIP, Tosh. We're all nicked, sunshine, but rest assured it's no shaving cut!
  • Citizen Kane. SPOILER: 'Rosebud' was the name of his moustache!!
  • Charles Bronson. Tough mutha mo.
  • David Niven. The only time 007 looked truly classy.
  • Alby Mangels.
  • Harry Shearer.
  • Lucky Grills.
  • The Man With The Dolmio Grin Not a Tassie Tickler reference.
  • Kotter. Whatever his name is. Nice Fro too.
  • Willis Jackson. He knew what he was talking about. Again, nice Fro. We need a month for these guys.
  • Theo Huxtable.
  • John Cleese. (from MOnty Python)
  • Manuel.

    Top Row L to R: John Astin, Yosemite Sam, Citizen Kane, Tosh
    Bottom Row L to R: The Man with the Dolmio Grin, Manuel, Clark Gable, Mr Potato Head

    CATEGORY 3: Clever and Creative Mo's CATEGORY 4: Powerful Mo's
    Top Row L to R: Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Martin Luther King Jr
    Bottom Row L to R: Joseph Stalin, Emilio Zapata, Veerappan, Chopper Read

    CATEGORY 5: Musical Mo's

    Top Row L to R: Barry Crocker, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury
    Bottom Row L to R: Enrico Caruso, Village People, Kinky Friedman, Dave Graney

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