The MO-xford Dictionary
of the MOVEMBER MOcabulary

The most benelovent Movember Committee has provided you with a glossary to allow you freedom of speech:

AlaMO: the mo that will always be remembered

AtMOsphere: Earth's gaseous outer - in which moustaches are known to reside (average altitude 150cm).

Di-MO-xynyl: a hair tonic for your upper lip

DraiMO: what you use to remove moustache hairs from your basin drain.

Good KarMO: having many moustaches in past lives, and being rewarded with a fulfilling mo in this life

ELMO: a small, furry, sickenly cute mo

GizMO: any gadget designed to technologically enhance a moustache's splendour

International MOnetary Fund: an organisation devoted to monitoring world-wide moustache trends

MOan: John Holmes' moustache

MObile: a mo that 'gets around'

MOby Dick: a huge, whale-like moustache

MOcha: a brown Mo

MOdem: what you use to log on to moustache sites on the Net

MOgal: a cold, lumpy mo

MOhel: a jew who performs the rite of removing the tips of moustaches

MOi: I am a frenchman's moustache

MOlasses: a really really thick mo

MOlest: to harrass people at the pub about Movember

MOllusc: have you ever looked closely at one of these suckers and noticed that they have little hairs at the edge of their shells?

MOlotov Cocktail: a flaming drink that sets fire to your mo (recipe)

MOmentous: a mo of great importance

MOmentum: a mo that cannot be stopped once it has started

MOnarch: a moustache that rules the rest of the face

MOnitor: a person who continually looks at the growth of his mo

MOnoceros: a mythical horse-like creature with a single protuberance from its upper lip

MOnogamous: no-one but your wife likes your moustache

MOnokini: a scanty 1-piece beach garment (equivalent to the bottom of a bikini), worn to conceal a mo

MOnopoly: exclusive possession of the right to grow a moustache in Movember

MOnotheism: belief in a God with only one moustache

MOnotonous: when all moustaches start to look the same

MOnster: a moustache that likes to hang out in children's wardrobes

MOns Pubis: a moustache-like area in the lower abdomen

MOnth: how long we give you to grow a mo in Movember

MOp: what you use to remove snot from your moustache

MOpoke: a nocturnal, owl-like bird with a distinctive moustachioed beak

MOpe: to sulk about not having a moustache

MOrality: you need a moustache to avoid this

MOron: a clean-shaven person

MOsaic: a moustache made up of hairs of different colours.

MOses: to part the mo

MOsey: a mo that shuffles leisurely about the face

MOsque: where to get down on your knees and pray for your mo

MOss: nature's way of growing a moustache

MOtionless: when someone talks with a mo, the lips are moving, but the mo remains perfectly still

MOth: a dusty mo

MOther: your mother has a big moustache

MOurn: lament for a shaved moutache

MOuth: what you wear under your moustache

MOw: to trim one's mo

ParaMOid: the irrational fear that people are out to get your moustache

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Copyright (c) 1999 Movember Committee