MO Tips

    What to say when people ask you why you are growing a moustache:

  1. "I have a starring role in a porno"

  2. "I'm Raising MOney for charity"

  3. "MOvember - say mo nore"

  4. "It's all part of my strategy to be taken less seriously"

  5. "To pick up chicks"

  6. "I wanted to look like your grandmother"

  7. "I'm coming out of the closet"

  8. "Ssshhh! I'm in disguise - you're not meant to recognise me"

  9. "It's a fashion statement"

  10. "I'm trying to appear more mature"

  11. "As a test cricketer, it's a necessary weapon against the West Indies pace attack this summer"

  12. "I'm trying out for the police academy"

  13. "This isn't a real moustache. My real one is in my bedside drawer."

Copyright (c) 1999 Movember Committee