Mo Quotes
P. Theroux: Alan Bennett ( 40 Years On (1969)): Noel Coward (of Mary Baker Eddy):

Rudyard Kipling ( The Story of the Gadsbys (1889)):

Red Kristi Berg

I once knew a man with a mustache of red
'Twas a sharp contrast to the blond hair on his head
But bold it was - all ablaze like fire
It filled my heart with a burning desire

Everyone noticed when he walked in the room
Such a brilliant mustache, like a red rose in bloom
But I was the one who truly saw what it was
To me that growth was much more than fuzz

This mustache, I tell you, was elegant yet hip
When this dear man laughed, it danced on his lip
He must've been an angel or some magical creature
To have been blessed with this wonderful feature

I fell hopelessly in love with this radiant guy
"Your mustache is divine!" I exclaimed with a sigh
A religious experience, was this affair
O that magnificent red facial hair

'Twas a sad day when his travels took him south
I've never, since then, kissed such a sweet mouth
I won't for a moment forget his mustache of red
and how it didn't match the hair on his head

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